• Top-of-the-Line Wrist Wraps, Grips, Wrist Straps and Grip Assist. The Most Advanced Training Accessory in the World.
  • Unique "No-Slip" Custom Engineered Material
  • Extended Grip Length allows more of the grip to wrap around the bar for maximum hold, security and protection.
  • Quick Release Feature makes it safe & easy to release the weight bar during any fitness regimen.
  • Innovative Wide Wrist Strap ergonomically designed for excellent wrist support; designed to promote circulation. New Built-in Arch Support offers carpal tunnel protection.
  • THE BEST: Outperforms gloves, hook & straps. For Pulling & Pushing Exercises. Designed for Superior Strength, Durability & Double Reinforced Tough Material.
  • A Perfect Choice for a novice or serious lifter.

Sizing Chart: (Measure Wrist Circumference in inches)

X-Small: 4 to 5” wrist

Small: 5 to 6” wrist

Medium/Large: 6 to 7” wrist

X-Large: 7” + wrist

Colors: Black, Pink, Camouflage

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