• The MY LIFE CELL PHONE ANTI-RADIATION STICKER is made to increase STRENGTH, HEALTH, and OVERALL WELL-BEING. The chip/sticker is developed by a company called Quantum Science and is known as the QUANTUM SHIELD. The My Life Quantum Shield blocks mobile device radiation through a small circular chip made of a unique combination of minerals and negative ions that absorb and neutralize electromagnetic waves (EMF) and heat emitted by mobile electronic devices. The chip protects your ears, brain, and body against the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.
    • REDUCED HEADACHES from long term electronic use.
    • INCREASED MUSCULAR STRENGTH that is lost from unprotected cellular radiation
    • REDUCED RISK OF CANCER cause by radiation from unprotected cellular radiation
    • INCREASED BATTERY LIFE of mobile electronic devices.

APPLY TO: Cell phones, Laptop Computers, Tablets, Televisions, and other household or mobile electronic devices.

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